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Warehouse Automation – Oct 2022

The most granular and holistic assessment of the warehouse automation market available today.

The 4th edition of our Warehouse Automation report guarantees to provide the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of the market. To produce the report, we’ve spent 8 months conducting more than 100 in-depth research interviews and analyzed more than 120 companies, looking specifically at their past, present, and future investments in warehouse automation.

What's in the report?

  • In-depth assessment of the warehouse automation market, breaking down the industry by region, vertical market, solution type, and product
  • Granular segmentations on individual technology types
  • Wealth of information relating to qualitative trends, ranging from Amazon’s warehouse automation investments strategy and the implications of the Russia-Ukraine war, to market share changes and product launches.
  • Extensive PPT report, Excel Database and PowerBI dashboard, easily downloadable from the secure area of our website as soon as an order is placed