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Robotic Picking

An analysis of the fast-moving picking robot market.

As labor availability continues to plague warehouses across the world, we’re seeing more and more companies relying on automation. Coupled with the developments in machine vision and gripping technology, we’ve seen the proliferation of picking robots used in warehouses.

This report aims to provide clarity and visibility into the fast moving picking robot market.

In addition to providing market sizing and forecast data by region and vertical, the report will also aim to answer the following:

  • Driving forces. What are the main driving forces behind the development of Robotic Picking?
  • Main players and products. Who are the leading players in this market and what type of products are they providing?
  • Competitive landscape. Which companies have the largest market share and how does this vary by industry?
  • Technology. What are the main types of technologies used in picking and how is this changing over time?
  • Business models. Which business models do customers favor and how does this vary by industry and region?
  • Pricing and ROI. What is the current and future price of picking robots and what is the ROI for different countries based on local labor rates, shift patterns, and robot pricing?