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Geared Products for Mobile Applications

An analysis of gearboxes used in construction, agriculture and mobile material handling applications

This new Interact Analysis report provides detailed market size and forecast data for the mobile geared products market by product type, region and application/vehicle type. In addition, we explore macro-economic and equipment trends driving and restricting the market growth. Market share analysis for the leading suppliers is also presented in the report.
To support the research, we conducted over 30 interviews with key stakeholders throughout the industry –an effort that ensures the quality and accuracy of our work. Additionally, our dedicated off-highway equipment database provides a solid foundation to estimate and forecast the market demand for geared products in various mobile equipment, ranging from excavators to aerial work platforms.

In this report, we answer the following questions:

  • What was the size of the global market for geared products for mobile applications?
  • How will the equipment trends impact the technological requirements and demands of geared products (e.g. electrification and intelligence)?
  • Which applications/vehicle types are the leading consumers of mobile geared products? Which will provide the greatest opportunity for growth?
  • How fast will the mobile gearbox market grow in the next five years? What are the key drivers and inhibitors?
  • What impact will supply chain issues, and the remnants of COVID have?
  • Who were the leading suppliers of mobile gearboxes in 2021? How did this vary by region?










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