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Forklifts – Dec 2022

A study on the electrification and autonomy trend of lifting trucks

The 3rd edition of the Interact Analysis market report on the global forklift industry. The report focuses on Class 1-5 forklifts mainly in manufacturing and logistics environments with electrification and autonomy trends.

Forklifts have seen new growth and demand in recent years driven by the rapid development of smart manufacturing and intelligent warehouses. External factors such as the strict emission standards and rising labor costs are also fueling demand, as the trend toward electrification becomes significant in the global forklift market.

What's in the report?

  • Accurate and up-to-date market data for forklift, including statistics of market sizes, volumes and shares by region, class, end-user industry and powertrain globally
  • Bottom-up analysis of the forklift market, based on over 3 monthsofresearch and analysis using primary research to build a comprehensive database of all leading suppliers of forklift.
  • Well-modelled forecasts with clear and transparent assumptions for all the market segments (shown on page 4) out to 2030.
  • Detailed discussions of the key issues / trends impacting the forklift vehicle market, based on over 30 hours of primary interviews with key industry stakeholders.
  • In-depth analysis of the supplier landscapeto help you understand your competitors, suppliers and potential partners more accurately.










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